Premium Wine Liquor Beer Imports was founded in June 2009 by Don Thierman when a local Scandinavian Businessmen's group he was a member of  was sourcing Akvavit to enjoy during their monthly meetings. After the original Akvavit was no longer available in Canada, Don went out and sourced a new product for the Scandinavian club and brought it into the province of Alberta for all to share. After a few years of this, Don decided it might be interesting to try some other products and ventured further into wines.

Having a daughter going to school in Melborne, Australia, Don asked her boyfriend to send a list of the winning wines from a French Melbourne wine show. From the list, Don short listed the companies which won the most awards and pursued their products for the Alberta market. At that time he brought in 4 labels from Harcourt Valley Vineyards, three reds which all won awards and one Riesling. Don entered four of the products in the 2014 Alberta Beverage Awards and two products won,  Best in Class for the Heathcote Shiraz and Judges Selection for Sightings Shiraz.

Premium Wine Liquor Beer Imports focus is on Premium Boutique wines and products that are not produced by the large scale producers. We also want to be sure the products are always of premium quality.We have gone out and sourced and tasted all products before we present them to be sure they are in line with our Premium vision.


To build a reputation for offering unique and boutique wines, spirits and beers made locally and by family owned producers. We are a family run business, we are passionate about identifying quality products and helping customers discover new & different tastes, we invest time in fostering strong relationships.