Good Evening
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Mountain Standard Golden Ale

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Present IPA

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Over Time Beer Works

Good Evening Brown Ale

Nighten up, tighten up: here comes the dark. This is a chocolate, roasty, toasty full-bodied character, a sound accompaniment to ringing in the evening or reining in the dawn. An all around tip of the hat, and not at all
out-of-sorts at any time of the day. Available in cans and kegs.
5.1% alc./vol. 37 IBU

Mountain Standard Golden Ale

This timely beer is high on the go-to-list. It's light,lager-like ale with medium body, malty grainy flavor, and crisp, dry finish. Mountain Standard promises to set clocks back to a time when one good beer tasted a little like having another one.
Available in Cans and Kegs

5% alc./vol. 42 IBU

Present IPA

There's no time like the Present. And there's no Present like this Over Time IPA. This is a traditional Wild West IPA:  a sophisticated wallop of gifted citrus and pine bundled in brightness, brimming with enthusiasm and bursting with and a number of other happy nuances. Giddy? Yup. 50L Kegs only

5.7% alc./vol. 80 IBU

ginger kid
Code 766836

Ginger Beer

The Ginger Kid

The Ginger Kid is made from pure ginger, the raw ginger makes it very spicy. This is different as it is not syrupy or sweetened like other ginger beers. The brew masters wanted a spicier beer than what is typically being made. It took four months and several 20ltr batches to get the right balance of flavors. This is the perfect beverage on a warm day, it;'s recommended to be served over ice with spicy food.

         Code 844080

Mango Smash

All natural made from 100% Queensland Mango's